D.A. Candidates Grabbed Big Bucks in Last Days of Campaign


In the past week, the Manhattan D.A. candidates really worked the pockets of big contributors, Board of Elections 24-hour reports reveal. Leslie Crocker Snyder reports $139,950 in donations since last Tuesday, much of it from lawyers like Bernie Goetz defender Barry Slotnick and Lawrence S. Goldman. She also got a $10,000 check from the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Asociation. Cy Vance reports a 7-day tally of $111,689; his donors include Jane Holzer (yes, Baby Jane) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. buddy William Wachtel, who ponied up $32,689. Richard Aborn reported a miserly $70,250 — $50,000 of it from himself. William Rudin of Rudin Management gave him $2,500.

No other locals come close, though we notice Helen Sears, in a tough council reelection race, got $2,750 from the JFK Democratic Club, and the Communications Workers of America District 1 PAC retrieved $40,000 from its Committee on Political Education, perhaps to be used as walking-around money in support of its favored candidates. Advantage: Gerson!