Though no one’s about to call Brooklyn the “new Nashville” any time soon, the Brooklyn Country Music Festival is the one time of year you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Alex Battles, frontman of local honkytonk vets the Whisky Rebellion, created the festival in 2004 to showcase the thriving indie country music scene—and, five years later, the scene continues to grow. Tonight through Saturday, the festival returns to bring you two days of down-and-out rail-riding ballads, sweet bluegrass hymnals, and barroom stompers from troubadours near and far. The greater city’s wide swath of country acts—which includes bluegrass collective Shanghai String Band, named after the Chinese restaurant in Williamsburg where they play monthly concerts, and Jersey City’s pompadoured outlaws the Lonesome Prairie Dogs—are among the 18 sawdust-kicking performers. Headliners include rootsy jugband punks the Defibulators, plus the Woes, and Mr. Battles’s Whisky Rebellion.

Sept. 17-19, 8 p.m., 2009