Inside The Big Gay Musical Premiere


This is a photo of me and Casper Andreas, the Swedish-born co-director of The Big Gay Musical, the Broadway-performer-filled film which premiered last Friday at the Chelsea Queerview, I mean Chelsea Clearview Cinema. Isn’t he cute? And he’s savvy too, having also featured me in Violet Tendencies, the new title for Bye, Bye Fruit Fly, with Facts of Life‘s Mindy Cohn desperately trying to find a straight man.

Anyway, The Big Gay Musical turns out to be about two guys starring in a splashy show spoofing religious intolerance towards gays. One of them hasn’t come out yet to his religious parents, who happen to be en route to see the show. The other one is horrified to not be able to find a monogamous lover who clicks with him in true fairy tale fashion. Delightfully enough, both become sluts!

At the premiere, Clover Honey, the drag queen who does two cameos in the film (one male, one drag), told me her cable show Under The Pink Carpet, wasn’t renewed, though she’s still doing segments for

And Rick Crom–who penned the movie’s music–said the musical version of Bonnie and Clyde that he cowrote with Hunter Foster is anticipating a takeover of Broadway next year (but not at gunpoint).

But that was all drowned out by someone from the crew anxiously trying to get the money she was owed, then beaming at the end of the night because justice had apparently been served. “Call me if it doesn’t clear,” I told her, wryly.