Joe Wilson Censured Rebuked (Updated)


And oh yeah, the House voted to censure rebuke Joe Wilson, 240-179, for shooting his mouth off at the President’s address last week. We share the attitude of Barney Frank, who said, “I think it’s bad precedent to put us in charge of deciding whether people act like jerks. I don’t have time to monitor everyone’s civility.” Meanwhile some Democrats are suggesting a South Carolina boycott to show displeasure with the obstreperous Rep. “Nutroots Joe Wilson-bashers say they’ll boycott state they’d never visit anyway,” says Michelle Malkin, who somehow has learned of liberals’ tendency to vacation in New York, Amsterdam, and other places with leather bars.

Update: Seven Republicans supported the resolution; RedState names them in hopes that the new brand of “activists” they’ve been training will do their patriotic duty. And yes, rebuke is very different from censure, which more drastic step the President opposed, as it is from horse-whipping or a collective Congressional raspberry. The extra measure of official condemnation nonetheless will provide political fodder for both sides.