Poll: Voters Hate Albany, But Are Less Inclined Toward Revolution Now


Why’s there a poll out on primary day? The new Marist Poll is not about present candidates, but about the state senate, and as was seen in other recent polls, the state’s voters hate their elected representatives. 70 percent remain “angry” about this summer’s Albany Coup, 68 percent want “major changes,” etc. Dog bites man, right? A mild surprise is their attitude toward the assembly, which 49 percent think is doing a “poor” job — only five points higher than the senate, though the assembly hasn’t had any coups lately (like Shelly Silver would let it!). And respondents oppose a state constitutional convention 48 to 42 percent, though in August Quinnipiac found 64 percent support for it, and some local lawmakers sprang up to oblige them. Has a month of sober reflection cooled their ardor for revolution? Maybe voters are saying that they think their legislature is useless but don’t want to do anything serious about changing the situation. Again: Dog bites man.