Primary Afternoon with Katz & Diaz


Melinda Katz, Democratic nominee for comptroller, was joined by Ruben Diaz Jr. at the Parkchester 6 train exit in the Bronx. She looked somewhat tired and run down,but joked today’s “been easy! I woke up at noon, watched some soap operas” between greeting commuters.

The Bronx Borough President, not lacking energy at all, was pumping flesh right alongside his friend, proclaiming her the next comptroller and Bill Thompson the next mayor. But for the $64,000 question (or, what Bloomberg probably spent per minute during our exchange), how will Bill beat the Billionaire?

“I don’t think people really care about what he does with his money, I think what people are concerned about is that they can’t get access to the services that they need in the borough of the Bronx, outside of Manhattan,” says Diaz. But how can Thompson get any message out, with hardly any money to speak of next to Bloombergs?

According to Diaz, “I don’t think the focus is on his personal fortune, and how much he’s spent. He has to focus on that. If I was him, I’d be worried that he’s spent 40 million dollars and gone down in the polls.”

Ronald Savage, also out for Thompson, was more blunt. “People are tired of Bloomberg buying everyone off.”