Primary Day Continues with Flag-Burning Flyer


Primary Day looks like it’s going pretty much as usual — that is, quietly — though Azi Paybarah has found this last-minute flyer calling Manhattan city council candidate Ydanis Rodriguez an “anti-American flag burner.” Rodriguez, considered the front-runner, has seven opponents and none has stepped forward to take credit for the accusation.

In other late-breaking news, Jason Horowitz gives Bill de Blasio a bit of a hard time about his field operation, referring to the involvement in his campaign of Data and Field Services, which has been questioned on its relationship with the Working Families Party. The Post uncovers shady voter registrations in Queens, and members of ACORN perhaps illegally working for progressive candidates. And Mayor Bloomberg has out a primary day ad that says “empty politics haven’t kept crime in New York City at record lows — leadership has!” And “the same old politics didn’t improve graduation rates and test scores — independence did!” Translation: enjoy your puny day of “democracy,” mortals! Despite all, Bloomberg will rule!