A smattering of tracks on a MySpace page, one consciously nonchalant photo, a surge of fickle blog buzz—these are our parameters nowadays for judging new bands. (Unless you get paid for it, of course, and then a Plinko board and monkey are also involved.) But not much more is offered, nor necessary, for Rain Machine, the new solo project by Kyp Malone—the guitarist/singer is a near-deity ’round these parts for his involvement in TV on the Radio, and his solo stuff doesn’t stray far from their frenzied eclecticism. “Give Blood,” one of the scant leaked tracks online, propels on those familiar, yodeling yelps, a slightly uncomfortable syncopated beat, and jazzy scat distortions. “Smiling Black Faces” is vocally driven with arid guitars and languid bells. The effect is as otherworldly as that beard; catch it before the album’s release the following day.

Mon., Sept. 21, 7:30 p.m., 2009