This Year’s Chefs Congress Will Eat Its Greens


The Star Chefs International Chefs Congress, which will hold its fourth annual gathering next week, is a fairly big deal among food industry types, replete as it is with big-name panel discussions, demonstrations, and its Rising Stars awards. New York, as always, is well-represented in the Rising Star awards, but what’s more interesting to note is that this year’s crop includes Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen, making her the first New York vegetarian chef to ever receive the honor. Given Cohen’s ability to woo even die-hard carnivores with her deep-fried, butter-enhanced version of meatless cuisine, we’re not entirely surprised, but are glad nonetheless that the establishment is choosing to recognize that the future of vegetarian restaurants can be a delectable one, with not a shred of fakin’ bacon or overcooked Brussels sprout in sight.