Times Site Hacked, Fake Ad Feeds Malware to Users


The Times lets readers know that they had a bit of a malware problem this weekend. “The malicious ad took over the browsers of many people visiting the site,” the paper tells us, “as their screens filled with an image that seemed to show a scan for computer viruses.” The scammers electronically masqueraded as Times advertiser Vonage so well that the Times‘ own ad operations team fell for it. The bogus ad told users they might have a virus and suggested they download “Personal Antivirus,” which allowed some junk to be loaded into credulous users’ computers. Fox News has also been a victim, the paper says a bit defensively, and the Times is looking into “creating new policies to prevent such mistakes.” You don’t get that sort of thing at the Voice; hackers avoid us because we’re all cool and indie, like Apple.