Forget Swine Flu: Horse Virus Kills Man Upstate


As if swine flu weren’t enough to worry about, a man in upstate New York has died of Eastern equine encephalitis. This brain virus is rare at present and spread by mosquitoes to horses, humans and other animals; no cure is known for the human cases. Officials in other states have had their eye on EEE for a while; it’s been killing horses in Virginia, but the Oswego County man is the first human fatality in this state since 1983. The virus is 30 to 70 percent lethal. You might want to reconsider that fall foliage tour.

Speaking of swine flu, the FDA approved a new vaccine for it yesterday. And London Mayor Boris Johnson helped keep spirits light on the subject in a forum at Columbia University yesterday, where he told Mayor Bloomberg, “We gave you mad cow disease, you gave us swine flu.”