Geraldine Ferraro Gets a Post Office Named After Her


She lost 49 states in her 1984 run for Vice-President of the United States (21 more than Sarah Palin!), and her attempt to win the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination for Hillary Clinton by telling people Obama got all the breaks because he’s black didn’t go over so well. But former New York congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro is immortal now — they’ve named a post office after her. The Queens Gazette reports that the P.O. at 46-02 21st Street in Long Island City will be the Geraldine Ferraro Post Office, per an order sponsored by Charles Schumer and Carolyn Maloney and signed by President Obama, who evidently does not hold a grudge. Ferrario served on the Congressional Post Office Committee as a freshman in 1979.

According to Fox News Wasau, they still remember Ferraro in Merrill, Wisconsin, too, because she and luckless ticket-topper Walter Mondale appeared in their Labor Day Parade during the ’84 campaign, swelling the usual attendance by about 20,000 people.