Giuliani Higher Office Threat Downgraded; Caution Still Advised


One of the gay guys Rudolph Giuliani bunked with when he split up with Donna Hanover tells Page Six (!) the former Mayor won’t run for governor, despite recent threats. “He would never want to be governor… That’s what he told me when he was living with me,” says car dealer Howard Koeppel. We’d like to believe him. We doubt Rick Lazio would have jumped into the governor’s race if he thought Giuliani were a threat. There was that Senator Giuliani scare a few days back, but his pal Tony Carbonetti tells Chris Cillizza, “He has said time and again that the Senate is not a job for him.”

Jeez, what does the guy want to do, anyway? Get richer, apparently, Forbes announces today that Giuliani will partner with Nine Thirty Capital “in a new venture to vet hedge fund managers for fraudulent activity.” The magazine indelicately headlines the item, “Giuliani Seeks To Cash In On Wealthy-Investor Fears“…

We must be ever watchful, though. Former Voice publisher Bartle Bull said “several” committees were convening on Tuesday to draft Giuliani for the GOP gubernatorial nomination — the sort Caesarean ploy we imagine would appeal to Giuliani. If such a convocation is indeed happening, they’re taking their time about making a statement.

The wiley Giuliani was down in Texas yesterday helping secessionist Governor Rick Perry raise money for an upcoming campaign. Maybe Giuliani retains national ambitions. Or maybe he plans to move to Texas. What other state would accommodate such a New York-size ego?