Meryl Streep Sighted in Gourmet Garage–Or Was It Julia Child?


Just spotted Meryl Streep in the Gourmet Garage at 10th Street and Seventh Avenue South. She had the adjacent checkout line to herself, and was buying several bags of fruits and vegetables. The last thing I saw go into the sack were some granny smith green apples. She kept her head down, wore no make-up–giving her a very pale demeanor–and had on a leopard-print top, gray trenchcoat, and mousy, emo girl glasses. No one but me appeared to recognize her as she departed the store and hopped into a taxi that had been waiting for her at the curb. Damn! Didn’t have my camera with me.

Stars buying groceries? Maybe she thinks she’s Julia Child–it’s easy to carry this method acting stuff too far.