News Roundup: forgetters, Rock Writer Literary Death Match, Ghostface on Fallon


–After getting a bit more publicly excited than we care to remember about Thorns of Life, last fall’s short-lived collaboration between Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil’s Blake Schwarzenbach, Aaron Cometbus, and (The L Word‘s) Daniella Sea, we figured we’d just go ahead and keep quiet about forgetters, Schwarzenbach’s new band with Against Me! OG Kevin Mahon, even though we–(ahem)–saw them play back in August. But since the cat seems to be out of the bag…check the band out at their website, or at Lit Lounge this Friday, where they’ll play with Golden City, Solar Power Sun Destroyer, and Thought and Memory.

–Literary Death Match, the Opium-conceived “competitive, humor-centric reading series” in which authors somehow “perform” their most “electric writing” in front of both an audience and judges, is music-themed this time around. Competing? SOTC pals Christopher R. Weingarten, of our own YIMBY column, and Jessica Hopper, lately of The Girl’s Guide to Rocking. They face off against The Life of Lena Horne’s James Gavin in front of a panel of judges that includes ace critic and musician Franklin Bruno, who is also performing. This event could probably use some heckling. Tell ’em SOTC sent ya…

–Ghostface, whose Wizard of Poetry is not among the 10 or so best rap records this year (although “Guest House,” with its convincingly method-acted Fabolous guest spot, might rank somewhere pretty high for us), performed last night on Jimmy Fallon’s show with Raheem DeVaughn. “Baby,” the song they did, is not the song to start with, record-wise.