Nobody Puts Patrick Swayze In A Corner


The sick joke going around these last few months was, “What do Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson want for Christmas? Patrick Swayze!”

Alas, they didn’t even wait till Thanksgiving. And I can tell you from personal experience that Swayze, while not exactly DeNiro-like in dramatic stature, was a very affable man who livened up many a red carpet event for me through the years. He was always accessible and quick with the sound bites, seeming to sense that it was part of his job as a movie star to make journalists’ night lives a little easier.

My favorite movie of his–of the two good ones he starred in–was Ghost, which worked on every level and which turns me into a blubbering pile of melted pottery every time.

My favorite rumor about him was that he used to live with his wife and a male porn star in some kind of cozy and very convenient arrangement.

I totally believe it…though I also believe Whoopi Goldberg can talk to the dead.