Non-Suspect in Annie Le Case Released


The whole Annie Le case is depressing, and closure doesn’t seem any more imminent as the New Haven cops release the person of interest/non-suspect Raymond Clark, the 24-year-old lab tech who had been taken in last night. They’ve got his DNA samples, but apparently no cause to hold him after questioning. He was said to have “defensive wounds” and to have failed a polygraph test, but a source tells the Post Clark said the scratches were from a cat, and polygraphs aren’t dispositive.

This sort of takes the thrill out of the postings of Clark’s girlfriend now making the rounds on the internet. But you never know: It took a while for police to finally nail Joseph Pabon, the man now indicted for killing a cleaning woman on Rector Street this summer. Which is one of the things we hate about these cases: they encourage us to root for people we don’t even know to be proven murderers.