Notes From The Toronto Film Festival


The email scribblings of someone covering the Toronto Film Festival were somehow forwarded to me as if by magic–or maybe it’s just more spam–and it’s my journalistic duty to pass them on to you, by way of an insider’s report card that’s leakable to the entire world. And so, dear readers:

“The movies up here are so uneven…I actually like The Road, even though it’s dirty people and frighteningly thin Viggo…..The Ricky Gervais movie is painful. Very long torture time at 90 minutes. I had to run to pee–and I didn’t have to pee–ten minutes before the end because it’s so stupid.

Jennifer’s Body was a bore, loud, gory and not much else. And the Michael Moore while v sincere just doesn’t fly.

“Everyone is raving about Up in the AirJason Reitman is a new god in Hollywood–and Men Who Stare at Goats is all true and v off the wall.

“In person, Damon was in top form, Viggo funny, Moore quotable, Megan Fox suprisingly vulnerable and not dumb, the Coens fine, Aidan Quinn and Connie Nielsen here in an Irish movie looking to be picked up, charming and sweet.”

Got all that? Now fly up to Canada and go to a movie anyway!