Pix From Golden Palace


The so-called “corn bread” turns out to be fluffy bao made with yellowish corn flour.

This week, Counter Culture cruises in to Golden Palace, one of two restaurants presenting the cuisine of Shandong and Liaoning in northern China, encompassing the delta of the Yellow River, and proximate to Beijing and Korea. The food is a wild combination of influences, including German, Korean, and Japanese, also offering northern Chinese standards with a Silk Road tinge. Here is a gallery of some of the more interesting food my friends and I ate there.

Diners on a budget will not be the only ones enjoying this $3 serving of “smoked chicken bones.”

The ghostly dumplings in “dough drop soup” resemble German spaetzle.


Wait! Are we in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant? Styled poetically on the menu as “brine green soy bean.”

“Shredded lamb in fresh hot pepper” features cayenne, cumin seed, and Sichuan peppercorns. If you close your eyes, it tastes a bit like Texas chili.