This Week in the Voice


19-year-old Caleb Lacey wanted to be a fireman. He volunteered for the Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department in Long Island. He seemed to enjoy the work. Now he stands accused of arson and second-degree murder. Elizabeth Dwoskin has the story.

You knew before it dropped there’d be backlash on Backspacer, the new album from Pearl Jam (now available at Target!). Michael Hoinski offers a defense.

The Informant!, starring Matt Damon and directed by Steven Soderbergh, promises to be a fun take on the corporate scandal film genre. Robert Wilonsky says it “feels overamped from start to shrugging finish.”

Shandong is a Chinese province that “points like a nuclear missile into the Yellow Sea,” and the food from there that’s served by Flushing’s Golden Palace has blown Robert Sietsema‘s mind.

A couple of whistleblowers helped break the Waterfront Commission scandal. Instead of kudos, they got dissed. Tom Robbins explains.

Missed the Brooklyn Book Festival? Zach Baron has the wrap.

Fresh from vacay, Michael Musto is a whirlwind this week, taking in film, books, theater, Underwear Night at Pieces, the Bea Arthur tribute, and Daniel Craig at a big gay thing.

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