Battery Park City Residents Decry Destruction of Tire Swing Park


Parents down at Battery Park City are outraged, NY1 tells us, that “beloved Tire Swing Park” is going to be torn up. The state wants to demolish the well-shaded playground to add an extension to what Coalition to Save Tire Swing Park spokesman Matthew Fenton calls, in the video above, “the Pataki Promenade… a wide expanse of granite that is used by exactly nobody” so that people can more easily get to the 9/11 Memorial when it’s finished someday. The state plans to restore the park, but that’s not enough for Fenton: the trees that will, under the plan, “go into a woodchipper” will be replaced by “saplings,” which won’t be grown up until Battery Park City’s children are attending Harvard and Smith.

Meanwhile in Sheepshead Bay, P.S. 254’s playground is under construction, so kids have to take their recess indoors for the rest of the semester at least. We are also reminded, for some reason, of the children of Riverside Park, whom we have seen hitting fungoes with a tree branch and a wiffle ball.