Be Forewarned, Earwax Records Will Only Have 100 Tickets Available to the Pavement Reunion


The Matador press release sent to the world this morning regarding that no-longer-apocryphal Pavement Reunion mentioned two brick-and-mortar places that would be selling surcharge-free tickets: Nokia Theatre box office in Times Square and Williamsburg’s resilient indie record stop, Earwax. Before you take up residence beside a Bedford Ave trashcan, please be advised that Earwax will only be getting 100 tickets. Let’s repeat: 100 tickets. They will be $38.50 a piece. But according to the friendly person who just answered the phone over there, even the store doesn’t know when they’ll actually be getting them. Keep checking back next week, the Earwax employee helpfully told us. Lord help her if she tells too many other people that.

So here’re your options. You can try to buy Pavement tickets online tomorrow during the pre-sale at 10 am (password here, link here). You can try again next Friday, September 25, at 10 am during the general sale. You can deal with the Times Square shit-show and try for one at the Nokia Theater. You can risk getting a restraining order by harassing the Earwax staff for the next eight days. And then there’s always be Craig’s List, where tickets will most definitely be nine-million dollars a piece come next September and the likelihood of scam artists is high. Good luck. And remember, PIGS, THEY TEND TO WIGGLE WHEN THEY WALK.