Bravo Confirms in a Backhand Sort of Way that Top Cheftestants Are Chosen Partly for their Tattoos


What is that tatt on the left–the love child of Alfred Hitchcock and a bulldog?

Thanks to Eater for pointing out a slide show on Bravo’s Top Chef website. It features an astonishing 57 pictures of the tattoos of Season 6 contestants, inadvertently demonstrating that, in a desperate attempt to remain “hip,” the selection committee has decided that extensive tattoos (and piercings) would be a major priority. Of course, with this sort of criterion in place, the idea of the selectees actually having cooking talent goes right out the window. Now, we at Fork in the Road love tatts as much as any other four people, but on Top Chef they’ve been more of an annoying distraction than anything else, causing the producers to expose more jiggling, sweaty flesh than we really wanted to see. Why not just dress them all in bikinis, Bravo?

Some of the ink looks awfully fresh, too, making us wonder if Bravo required some of the cheftestants to get extra tattoos as a condition of being on the show. If so, we hope the unreality network also funds laser removal treatments afterwards, because some of the chefs have become walking freak shows.

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