Jay-Z’s Old Apartment, Exposed!


That right there is Brooklyn’s 560 State Street, shouted out by Jay-Z on perhaps the finest 16 on the entire Blueprint 3, and–as it turns out–still kicking. New York had the bright idea of dispatching a reporter, who comes back with tales of a “serene, verdant brownstone block” just steps away from the chaos of Flatbush, Atlantic, and Fourth Avenue. Jay’s apartment was 10B, circa 1997–post Reasonable Doubt and hence, apparently, post Marcy Projects. Frequently, he’d open the door for other tenants. Since “Empire State of Mind” dropped, residents have noted an influx of “kids in front of the building, awestruck and pointing.” It’s a lovely piece, though we wonder what kind of reception those kids would get down in Tribeca, where Jay lives now. Our guess? Extraordinary rendition. [Vulture]