Jorge Posada, Carlson Suspended After Brawl


The Yankees-Blue Jays brawl Tuesday night has gotten Yankee catcher Jorge Posada and Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Carlson suspended for three games, effective immediately. Both players were also fined. The Yankees’ Shelley Duncan was also suspended for a related incident, but is appealing the decision.

As this YouTube video by a fan shows, Carlson had thrown behind Posada during the game (a payback for Mark Melancon hitting Toronto’s Aaron Hill earlier), to which Posada responded by saying, “You don’t want to do that.” The incident is presumed to have motivated Posada, as he scored later on a single, to elbow Carlson as the pitcher covered home plate. Posada was ejected but declined to leave the field, choosing instead to react physically to Carlson’s verbal objections, which cleared the benches.

Bleacher Report compares these suspensions to others suffered by belligerent players and finds them wanting. Posada has been shit-hot lately. He will miss the upcoming Seattle series.