Macbar Opens Today


As of today, Delicatessen has a younger and carbier sibling: macbar, a noodle-shaped restaurant dedicated solely to serving, yes, mac and cheese. Its menu features 12 varieties of the stuff, including Mac Ruben, which is made with sauerkraut and braised corn beef; Mayan Chipotle, with chicken, chihuahua cheese, and green onions; and Mac Stroganoff, which incorporates sour cream sauce and braised beef. Michael Ferraro, who as Delicatessen’s chef has been responsible for plying starving models and their assorted hangers-on with cheeseburger spring rolls and fried chicken, is also the chef here. According to the release, Ferraro has “an extreme passion for comfort food.” It’s a juxtaposition that brings to mind knitters slamming Red Bull, but no matter: for all those who complained that one mac and cheese restaurant just wasn’t enough for the city, your ship has come in, and it’s docked right behind Delicatessen at 54 Prince Street, at the corner of Lafayette.