“Musto’s Door Dispute”


That’s the headline for today’s Page Six item about a problem I had at the door at a John Varvatos store event the other night. My friend was carded, even though he’s practically ready for AARP, but he didn’t have ID on him. So the doorpeople said I could come in, but he couldn’t. (Which is amusing since I didn’t have ID either–they never asked!)

I was all too willing to go in without him–just to scope out the place for a second–but my pal didn’t think that was cool so we went off to dinner at Beige.

But before you call me callous, let me point out that, unlike the time I was carded and not admitted to XES because I didn’t have ID, I was totally calm and understanding this time, knowing by now how hideous the club crackdowns are and how the clubs have been forced to respond with too much caution. Or maybe they’re just enforcing this policy to keep out old people!