Apple Fans Turn “Apple’s Amazing” Mockery into a PR Plus


In the face of some not very good press, Apple acolytes — Appolytes, if you will — have managed to make apple juice out of sour apples by taking a phrase from the title of a video mockery of Apple’s PR gush (“Apple’s Amazing, Incredible, Awesome, Really Great Keynote”) and repurposing it as “Apple’s Amazing” at Twitter, where they have made it a trending topic with chirpy sentiments like “APPLE’S AMAZING, ALWAYS IS, ALWAYS WILL. LOVE MY IPHONE & MACBOOK” and “Apple’s Amazing ! Word! :D” That’s one of the great things about cults — their victims are ever-ready to deny the relevance or even the existence of irony.

The meme appeals to Apple’s prime audience of dorks with a technology fetish. However, as dorks also like to be snarky and rude, a lot of the Twitter reactions are along the lines of this here — also, “Apple’s mediocre and overpriced. Apple’s Amazing my foot” and “‘Apple’s Amazing’ because a new revolutionary fart app called FartGlobe will be out soon!”

Next PR coup: Steve Jobs dies, and Apple submits stronger-than-expected sales of the new iPod Nano to the Vatican as a proof of sainthood.