Fashion Week in Review: Erin Wasson x RVCA Recruits Gang Gang Dance; Shiny-Headed Bruce Willis Attends


l. to r., Emma Heming, Bruce Willis, unidentified. Photos by David Wentworth.

Recently, Southern California-based model and fashion designer Wasson told Teen Vogue about her Spring 2010 collection, “I wanted to take a departure away from the really dark colors and that sort of rock ‘n’ roll vibe that everyone knows me really well for… It’s about this girl in the desert. It’s all this sort of desert-y colors… less cowboy, more savage desert beast.”

Yes, this made us a little nervous because we really, really liked the old rock ‘n’ roll Wasson. Despite the amazing live appearance by Gang Gang Dance, featuring Brooklyn style queen Lizzi Bougatsos, clothes for the hip Brooklyn girl were mostly left out of Wasson’s plan…

Instead, at her show in the Tent at Bryant Park, her new hippie-chick look included bell-bottom, low-waisted jeans; a midriff-baring silk shirt adorned with gold coin-shaped pieces; and a long flowing dress left open in the front to expose ripped mini denim shorts and a model’s flat, tan stomach.

We imagine this kind of thing looking very good on Bruce Willis’s new model wife Emma Heming, who was seated in the front row with her husband (how does he make his head so shiny?!). But Brooklyn girls, like actress Michelle Williams, who has been spotted wearing Wasson’s clothes in the past, may not be able to relate (they’re generally too busy working on their painting/acting/music/writing to be bothered with getting sweet abs).

But, seriously, good luck with the “savage desert beast” demographic, Ms. Wasson! We guess there are probably a lot of those out West.