Leah Cohen Leaving Centro Vinoteca


PX This breaks the news that Leah Cohen, executive chef at Centro Vinoteca and Top Chef survivor, is leaving the restaurant. Per Cohen’s statement: “It’s been a remarkable year, but I have decided to continue pursuing my culinary education abroad … I am very thankful for the opportunities that Sasha Muniak and his team have given me, but I do feel that now is an opportune moment to travel and study and continue to develop myself into a more well rounded chef.” Cohen has plans to travel throughout Asia, Spain, and Italy. For his part, Muniak is supportive of Cohen’s decision, saying, “[w]e are very proud of Leah and what she has accomplished for both herself and the restaurant … I have no doubt Leah’s enthusiasm in furthering her education will benefit her and her career immensely.” Cohen’s replacement will be Centro’s sous chef, Richard Furey.