Michael Douglas Does It With Matt Damon in Liberace Pic


If I wanted to see an Oscar winner make out with a nominee, it would probably be Kathy Bates and Jake Gyllenhaal, but I’ll settle for Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who will be locking lips in Steven Soderbergh‘s upcoming biopic about flaming pianist Liberace and his boyfriend the sewer (I mean the suer), Scott Thorson.

In the attached article, the two stars are quoted saying all kinds of lusty things about the gay-for-pay project, Douglas warning Damon to get a whole bunch of Chapstick ready. This is far preferable to all the usual “I had to wash out my mouth with brine” type of remarks about oh so brave straight actors playing gay.

I just wonder if poor Damon will end up suffering from pianist envy.

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