News Roundup: New Yorker Festival, Brooklyn Country Festival, Phil Spector’s Prison Papers


–Tickets for the October 16-18 New Yorker Festival, which will feature plenty of musicians–Neko Case, Bon Iver, Loudon Wainwright III, Ian Hunter, Jace Clayton, and Melvin Gibbs, to name a few—-and a really ace concert at the Bell House with Liturgy and Dirty Projectors, are on sale now. Things are already selling out, so you may want to leave the Pavement page over at Ticketmaster alone for a few minutes and get yourself set up before it’s too late.

–Speaking of festivals, the Brooklyn Country Festival is underway right now at Southpaw. It’s their 6th year promoting the heretofore unknown quantity of homegrown country talent. Jack Grace, the Wicked Messengers, and the Woes go tonight, and things run through tomorrow with Alex Battles & The Whisky Rebellion, the Flanks, and a bunch of others. Tickets and info here.

–And in sadder news, murderous producer turned jailhouse victim Phil Spector is sad. Gawker got their hands on some correspondence of his–the best analog is probably something like a paper version of Courtney Love’s Twitter. Choosing at random here:

    [Rec]eived your 2 letters and I thank you [for] both of them and your kind words of encouragment + support. I am deeply most appreciative living in this “hell hole” which I call “The [Tar]antula Arms” or God’s little acre [jus]t east of a rock + west of a hard place. I’m enraged with hate at that [ ] + judge for sending me here and [it’s] hate that keeps me going. Some say hate is a good motivation. But I don’t know how long it can last. This 24/7 lockdown life is slowly driving me insane and killing [me]. Did you know that six times a [day] they set off an “alarm” where [ ] you have to get face down on the floor wherever you are and remain there until the alarm goes off. Anyone who does not and is seen standing is “shot at”! They don’t [tell] you if they use real bullets or not but they could. People have been known to die in this “drill.” It’s a warning to all prisoners not to “get out of line.” And a way to keep the guards “sharp.” It’s insane and very dangerous. They play real [ ]ious “games” here in this prison.

The lesson here is don’t turn your house into a full loaded combination drug emporium and armory. Also, think about showing remorse.