NYC Unemployment Goes Double-Digit — #1 in the State!


Bill Thompson warned us in July that by year’s end, city unemployment would reach 9.5 percent. Actually we reached that a couple of weeks ago. Today we passed an even greater milestone — the awesome double digits! New York unemployment is now 10.3 percent. As usual, The Bronx is the most unemployed borough, at 13.2 percent.

Start chanting “We’re Number 1” because the state unemployment rate is only nine percent and, while earlier reports showed such depressed and jobless districts as Niagara and Oswego doing worse than us, we are now the unemployment capital of the state — so once again we outstrip those Herkimer Jerkimer rubes upstate. (Even Niagara recovered from 10 to 9 percent!)

You just know the people most affected by this decline are day-laborers and manual tradesmen — and that the New York Times will react by talking to someone who “lost her job analyzing technology stocks for Bear Stearns”, and an ex-Chase Bank executive. Unemployment up, white people hardest hit!