Park(ing) Day Dots Local Gravel With Green, Doo-Dads


Today is Park(ing) Day, for which green-minded citizens were encouraged to turn parking spaces into little parklettes, and for which Transportation Alternatives sponsored a design competition. So if you see a ball pit in SoHo, that’s how it got there. (“shootbooth at west broadway and prince st is taking free photos in our ball pit!” says TransAlt’s P-Day Twitter feed. “Drop by!”) TransAlt sent us these photos. Inevitably some hippies did a “Peace Park” (below) at a patch of gravel at Mott and Mulberry. As many sites are just green rugs with doo-dads — there’s a “$20 in materials” stipulation for the contest — we thought the hippies had this competition macked, but the winner is a Swedish “Hex Park” (above) that “fills an average size parking space with attractive stools and tables that can be arranged and rearranged.” Their entry will be “fabricated and sold on the T.A. website for parking space conversions all year round,” so keep it in mind for your Christmas list.