Posts of the Week


Ah, Friday. Without further ado, the week’s best posts:

Cute Yummy Time: when gothic Lolita fetishists and singing crab bagels collide.

Battle of the Dishes pitted supermarket veggie burgers against one another. 

Fork in the Road ranked our 10 Best French Fries.

As the city grows more bike-friendly, restaurants are taking advantage of new ridership.

Top Chef gave us campfire ceviche, hirsuit ranchers, and a disgraced Frenchman.

And speaking of Top Chef, the show’s website confirms what we sort of suspected: contestants seem to be chosen in part because of their tattoos.

Motorino’s Mathieu Palombino chatted about the new Manhattan branch of his pizzeria, pizza fetishists, and classic French food.

This month’s Vendy Awards will have a new category: Rookie of the Year.

The Early Word visited May Chan Ramen, and encountered mediocre noodles at bargain prices.

At the Barenjager bartending competition, the crowd quaffed concoctions from the likes of Jonathan Pogash, Meaghan Dorman, and Gerry Corcoran.

Counter Culture journeyed to Flushing’s Golden Palace to partake in the distinctive cuisine of China’s Shandong province.

Strange Snacks of the World considered IKEA’s Kex Biscuits and Japanese fish sausage.

Incredibly Cheap Eats enjoyed a loaf of Parisi Bakery’s sesame seed bread.

Cookbook Tester tried out Japanese Hot Pots.

Brooklyn’s Hecho en Dumbo is moving to the old Marion’s Continental space on the Bowery.

Dinner with the Band, which stars Tailor’s Sam Mason, just announced its fall line-up.

At Vermillion’s Maneet Chauhan shared her recipe for Tandoori Skirt Steak with Sauteed Spinach and Plantain Chips.

The Brooklyn Cheese Experiment brought together competitive curd nerds

…While Sunday’s New Amsterdam Market brought together numerous regional vendors and a ton of good food.

Our Man Sietsema revisited the Harrison.