Street Food Wars Get Bloody; The Cheyenne Diner Goes South


JetBlue’s Terminal 5 now boasts the best food offerings available at JFK. But it’s not the only unexpected place in Queens to find upscale cuisine. Top chefs are getting involved in JFK’s Terminal 4, Terminal 8, and Citi Field stadium.
[NY Daily News]

The street food war got bloody again when two rival halal chicken vendors engaged in a fight that resulted in a slashing. Walid Osman got the sharp end of a butcher knife across the arm when Mohamed Hanafi and Abdelrao Akl Hamdy felt their cart was threatened.
[NY Post]

A 47-year-old patient and freelance journalist in the U.K. has turned his bad hospital food into an online game called “Hospital Food Bingo.” Readers of his blog try to guess what his photographed meals are. So far, only half have been identified correctly.
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The Cheyenne Diner, which first opened in 1940, will be moved on a pair of flatbed trucks some 860 miles south to its new home near Birmingham, Ala. Preservationist Michael Perlman is responsible for saving the structure, which would have been torn down.

Is the new “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” initiative “wishy-washy”? The USDA has promised to contribute $50 million to school lunch programs to promote local produce, but the new Food Safety Bill will impose $500 in annual fees and red tape on small farmers.