The Unibrow Is Becoming Obsolete!


In the UK, anyway. According to this article, there’s been a steep rise in the number of Brit males who are putting down their crumpets and going in for “threading,” the intricate hair removal process that makes your face look far less like an Edward Scissorhands topiary.

My favorite quote from the piece is:

“The Neanderthal monobrow, famously displayed by Noel Gallagher, will soon be ancient history as alpha males look to cultivate dark, strong brows with the help of threading and dyeing.”

Yikes! Could anti-“monobrow” mania reach other shores too, and if so, would that mean and end to such “uni” stars as:

Matt Dillon

Dubya Bush (though I guess you can’t be over twice)

Various Muppets and South Park characters

And most importantly, Frida Kahlo? Dear God, no!!!!