Video: Matt Damon Endorses Bloomberg


Well, it’s all over. Matt Damon has endorsed Michael Bloomberg for Mayor. They trick it up a bit in this video, made during a break in the filming of Damon’s The Adjustment Bureau, with banter and jokes (“We could skydive together.” ” I’ve never done that.” “Neither have I”), but the payoff is an unequivocal Vote Mayor Mike. The star sort of owes Bloomberg, who upgraded Damon’s City Hall wedding from the usual Centre Street processing center to Bloomberg’s ceremonial office, and served as its only “guest.” Damon isn’t registered to vote in New York but maintains one of his homes here. He has been an object of ridicule for his political views in the past (“Matt Damon!”), but this will probably get a pass, as celebrities endorsing Bloomberg is now as uncontroversial as their attendance at Fashion Week, or in criminal court. But what will they think in Bahston?