Alleged Crooked Ex-Cops Mad as Hell, Not Going To Take This Anymore


Could be you know Bo Dietl as the flamboyant, straight-out-of-central-casting ex-New York cop who turns up quite a bit as a guest on Fox News and Don Imus. Then again, could be you just got off easy and were born blind and deaf.

Last week, Dietl, a decorated former NYPD homicide detective, and Joe Coffey, who’s the former chief of the New York State Organized Crime Task Force, were both accused of being involved in organized crime — specifically, they were linked to the Gambino crime family, along with nine other cops. The accusation came from John Alite, a mob turncoat, confessed killer, and one of the state’s key witnesses in the new trial of John Gotti Jr., which gets underway today.

Well, Dietl and Coffey are none-too-pleased with having their names dragged through the mud; they say they’re innocent, and in about an hour they’ve scheduled a news conference at One Penn Plaza to address the claims.

Should be colorful, seeing as how Dietl’s first means of “addressing the claims” was to publicly call Alite a “fucking liar.”

Stay tuned.