At the Greenmarket: Winter Squash


Tomorrow is the autumn equinox, and the Union Square Greenmarket is starting to feel like fall. The large selection of winter squashes and gourds is particularly autumnal.

John D. Madura Farm from Orange County, N.Y.,has a particularly diverse selection, including blue hubbard squash, which is blue-gray and knobby on the outside, but sweet and orange on the inside. It’s sometimes called “farmer’s pinata” because the best way to crack it open is to put it in a bag and drop it on the floor. Madura also has sweet kobacha, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squashes, all for $1.25 a pound.

Butternut squash can be found elsewhere in the market for 95 cents a pound, as can small pumpkins and some beautiful decorative gourds.

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