Boris Yeltsin Pie With Everything On It


New York politicos are wasting their time today wrapped up in useless acrimony about President Obama’s heavy-handed move to push Governor Paterson out of next year’s gubernatorial race, when they should be doing what everyone else is doing: Reading and re-reading the USA Today story  about Boris Yeltsin’s late night pizza run in Washington, DC – while in his underwear.

The tale emerges from the new Clinton bio by Taylor Branch, who tells how the former Russian prez got royally (or democratically) sloshed while visiting Bill Clinton at the White House in 1995. Yeltsin somehow slipped out of Blair House where he was staying and made it out onto
Pennsylvania Avenue in his boxers before Secret Service agents spotted him trying to flag down a cab. He wanted, the spirited Russkie explained in gloriously slurred words, a pizza.

There was one more escape attempt: “The next night,” the paper reports, “Yeltsin eluded security forces again when he climbed down back stairs to the Blair House basement. A building guard took Yeltsin for a drunken intruder until Russian and U.S. agents arrived on the scene and rescued him.”