Come for the Hope, Stay for the Uncomfortable Silence


If the Voice isn’t so much reading material these days as it is a blanket to keep you warm at night, President Obama says he feels your pain. As we mentioned yesterday, he’ll be upstate later today — at an invitation-only event being held at the Hudson Valley Community College

The president’s speech to business leaders, as well as a handful of college students, comes as New York’s unemployment rate hits a 26-year high of 9-percent. New York City has the highest number of unemployed in the state:  the percentage is now a whopping 10.3-percent (because as you know we do everything bigger here; aren’t you proud?).

True, a lot of fuss is being made over the face-to-face meeting between President Obama and Governor Paterson — who will be on hand and who is reportedly the target of a none-too-subtle push to take up a new career safely out of Democratic state politics (a push the governor is reportedly ignoring). But it’s really all about the economy, with Obama coming to rally business leaders while trying to stop the hemorrhaging of educated minds to other states.

Places where there are, you know, jobs.