Emmy Awards Highs and Lows


The Emmys were a little too nudgy-winky. (A hilarious sight gag was inevitably followed by a comment like, “That was a hilarious sight gag”–plus you could see inside the control room, practically allowing you to watch them turn up the fake laughter and applause every two minutes.)

But there were lots of lovely things too, like:

*Neil Patrick Harris‘s utter adorableness

*Sarah Silverman‘s moustache

*Victories for nice, talented people like Toni Collette and Cherry Jones

*And the fact that Kanye West didn’t grab the mic from Ken Howard and say, “Sir Tom Courtenay gave one of the best performances of all time in Little Dorrit!”

Fortunately, all of that made up for the really bad stuff. For example:

*The two men in the first half hour alone who thanked their wives, even though they seemed gayer than NPH!

*Kristin Chenoweth‘s squeaky, teary, overwrought speech. No wonder they called paramedics backstage afterwards. (I hope she’s OK, by the way. She’s a treasure.)

*And did you notice how slowly the Amazing Race people walked to the stage? Ironic, no?