Girls Girls Girls


Proof that you can match pretty much any visual with Girls’ “Lust for Life” and it will look sweet and nostalgic and like something you want to be a part of—the band’s performance on Pitchfork’s Don’t Look Down, which is practically as evocative and washed out as the official (best of ’09) video is.

Did you know this song is a break-up ode to a girl named Liza Thorn, whom Girls leader Christopher Owens met in a San Francisco Park? This fun fact–“Eventually, Owens and Thorn broke up, prompting him to write his first song, ‘Lust For Life,’ an envious ode to Thorn’s list of possessions (a boyfriend, a father, a suntan, a pizza, a bottle of wine)”–and more at the Fader feature on the group, which the magazine just posted online. And today also marks the debut of a new Girls b-side, “Life in San Francisco,” streaming over at Gorilla Vs. Bear. All this in anticipation of the record’s official release, which comes tomorrow, though it’s been streaming at True Panther for some time now. Might want to cop Bowery Ballroom tickets soon, world…