One Billion Plus To Go Hungry This Year; Blumenthal Faces Lawsuit Over Contamination


Despite the creation of Norman Borlaug’s high-yield crops, more people are hungry today than ever — more than one billion people are expected to starve this year. Why, when there is enough food for everyone on the planet? Mostly, political neglect.
[NY Times]

Stevia is a calorie-free all-natural sweetener that, on its own, has an unpleasant aftertaste. Two stevia products introduced in the past year — Truvia and PureVia — use Reb A, the best-tasting component of the stevia leaf, which tastes much like sugar.

Oma, Japan has long been known for its bluefin tuna, but as tuna numbers drop due to overfishing, Oma has been calling for greater regulation of catches. Japan, which consumes some 80 percent of the world’s top-grade tuna, has lobbied hard against limiting catches.
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Victims of the Fat Duck food poisoning incident are taking legal action against British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. Boxing promoter Frank Warren and other high-profile customers were enraged by Blumenthal trying to shift the blame for the contamination.
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What’s good to eat on Astoria’s 31st Avenue? Elk, lamb, bison, and ostrich burgers at BareBurger; Balkan burek at Djerdan; and deep-fried pickles paired with classic cocktails at Sweet Afton.
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