The Plot Thickens


The ongoing saga of the out-of-towner who supposedly was visiting Queens to do more than simply enjoy the, um, scenery just reached critical mass. Saturday night, 24-year-old Najibullah Zazi was arrested in Denver along with his father and charged with lying to investigators.

Also busted in the alleged terror plot was 37-year-old Ahmad Wais Afzali, a Flushing imam and, conveniently, funeral director. Afzali is accused of being a double-agent who double-crossed his government handlers by lying to them about his contact with Zazi. Federal agents say that Zazi may have been planning some sort of terrorist act; they found references on his computer to Bryant Park and several sports stadiums, instructions for building explosives, as well as his fingerprints on batteries and a scale in Queens.

Both Zazi and Afzali say they’re innocent. In a completely unsurprising twist, Afzali is being represented by Ron Kuby. They’ll all be in federal court later today.