Bo Strikes Back


Yesterday, we told you how Bo Dietl — occasional Fox News contributor, celebrity P.I. and ex-New York Cop caricature — was holding a news conference to deny the allegations of a mob turncoat who had claimed that Dietl was one of 11 law enforcement officials who did business with the Gambino crime family.

Well, the presser went about as you’d expect (unless of course you were expecting profanity, which it was sadly lacking in). Dietl calls John Alite a “degenerate murderer” and says he’d normally “ignore the fool” if it weren’t for the fact that he feels like his good name is being unfairly tarnished. He’s offered to undergo a polygraph exam to prove his innocence.

Dietl assailing Alite’s honesty comes just as the state is preparing to put Alite on the stand as its star witness in the racketeering trial of Junior Gotti.