News Roundup: Chris Taylor Unveils Terrible Records, Dream House Reopens, and Lily Allen Goes to War


–Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor has started a new label. It’s called Terrible Records, and so far, the label’s two-release slate looks pretty impressive. October 13 will see a split single from Taylor and departed avant-disco downtown icon Arthur Russell. And, a couple weeks later, on October 28, Terrible will release the 10″ debut of Brooklyn softies Acrylics–a record that Taylor also produced. That’s not a bad month for any label, brand-new or otherwise.

–Dream House, the 17-year-old sound and light installation from pioneering minimalist composer LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela, opens for yet another season in Tribeca this coming Thursday. The duo’s 275 Church Street space is one of the most disorienting and inspiring in all of New York–check it out between now and June 19th, 2010, any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between 2pm and midnight.

–Honestly can’t decide if the Lily Allen-led assault on file-sharing (and, by extension, Radiohead and their cohorts in the British musician advocacy group Featured Artists Coalition) is fascinating or so suffocatingly inside baseball for your average music consumer as to be completely baffling. Do the thoughts of Siren, Mark Ronson, Natasha Khan, Muse, and James Blunt on the pros and cons of illegal downloading–as collected by Allen’s charmingly DIY It’s Not Alright blog–attract or repel? Unclear. Our only conclusion here: as always, Lily Allen, who has more personality and brains than the next 10 pop stars that superficially resemble her, wins, basically. It’s just fascinating to watch someone think so publicly out loud about matters that directly concern their profession and livelihood–and even rarer to watch them pull it off without sounding like Lars Ulrich.