Ruth Reichl Goes to School in a New PBS Series


Gourmet is again partnering with Boston’s public television station WGBH (the two outlets also collaborated on Diary of a Foodie) for a new show starring Ruth Reichl, Adventures with Ruth. The show follows Reichl as she visits cooking schools all over the world–Mexico, Italy, England, Morocco, Brazil, Laos, China, and the U.S.–where she learns how to cook the local fare.

In each episode, Reichl is (somewhat inexplicably) joined by an actor friend–and this has got to be the only show to ever bring together Frances McDormand, Lorraine Bracco, Dianne Wiest, and Tom Skerritt. Putting actors who seem to have no particular interest in food on food television was most recently done by that hideous show, Spain: On the Road Again. We have no doubt, however, that Reichl will do it infinitely better. Really, can she do any wrong?

In the first episode, she and Frances McDormand head down to Tennessee to learn how to make Southern dishes, and in another, Reichl and Lorraine Bracco go off to Morocco to get schooled in couscous and tagines.

The show premieres Saturday, October 17th.