Skaters, Haters (Oh, and There’s a Virgin Living in New York City)


To hear male model and Brooklyn resident DeMarcus Reed read tell it, he’s been “shot with Beebe gun, stabbed with pencil, kicked in the balls,” and the victim of “extreme attempts of erotic and emotional sexual seductions from world wide beauty.”

Of course this was all supposedly because, at the age of 30, he remains a virgin (send your condolences to…). His online bio is titled, “Struggling Straight Virgin,” and it’s, needless to say, comedy gold. Lots of references to that “one special lady” the Lord has in mind for him. What isn’t funny, though, is this: Late last week a bunch of kids — skate punks to hear bystanders tell it — beat the living hell out of poor, virginal DeMarcus outside Toasties in Union Square.

According to witnesses, Reed confronted the kids because he was offended at their use of “racial epithets,” if you get our drift. That’s when they got all lion on the Christian and left him with a busted lip, a few chipped teeth and several cuts to the head.

No arrests so far.

DeMarcus Reed, by the way, has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. Now we feel even sorrier for him.